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Jonathan Fire*Eater

Тексты песен Jonathan Fire*Eater

Текст песни "I've Changed Hotels"

There's a stove in the back of a rotten little flat
In the afternoons we'd meet
We'd huddle together, stick close together
The daylight makes us weak I know
But it's dark in the kitchen and I don't mind the itching anymore

Now there's thirty-nine dead lying prone in their beds
With one voice in their heads
We've all heard it once so to hell with those cunts
They they all seem so proud

A crow was born in the orchard
A kid is crying on the carousel
Who wants to get off?
Please stop, I want to get off

It's a cabaret and I want to play
From my window I can see moon coming up with a
Here comes another day

Now I've changed my hotel
No-one knows me well
I don't think I can sleep
Tomorrow I'm walking through the crowds
They look so proud but it hurts to look at the clouds

A crow was born in the orchard
A kid is crying on the carousel

I'm coming out of a cedar closet
To make another deposit
I've grieved at your feet, I'm back on the street
One day my conscience will be so free

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