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Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash

Настоящее имя J. R. Cash
Дата рождения 26 февраля 1932 г.
Место рождения Kingsland, Arkansas, U.S.
Дата смерти 12 сентября 2003 г.
Место смерти Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Жанры Country
Годы 1955—2003
Лейблы Columbia Records
Mercury Records
Legacy Recordings
American Recordings
Sun Records
См. также The Highwaymen
The Jordanaires
The Tennessee Three
June Carter Cash
The Statler Brothers
The Carter Family
The Oak Ridge Boys
Area Code 615
Сайт Website

Тексты песен Johnny Cash

Текст песни "I Hung My Head"

Early one morning with time to kill
I borrowed Jeb's rifle and sat on the hill
I saw a lone rider crossing the plain
I drew a bread on him to practice my aim
My brother's rifle went off in my hand
A shot rang out across the land
The horse he kept running, the rider was dead
I hung my head, I hung my head

I set off running to wake from the dream
And my brother's rifle went into the stream
I kept on running into the salt lands
And that's where they found me, my head in my hands
The sheriff he asked me "Why had I run"
Then it came to me just what I had done
And all for no reason, just one piece of lead
I hung my head, I hung my head

Here in the courthouse, the whole town is there
I see the judge high up in his chair
"Explain to the courtroom what went through your mind
And we'll ask the jury what verdict they find"
I said "I felt the power of death over life
I orphaned his children, I widowed his wife
I beg their forgiveness, I wish I was dead"
I hung my head, I hung my head

Early one morning with time to kill
I see the gallows up on the hill
And out in the distance a trick of the brain
I see a lone rider crossing the plain
He's come to fetch me to see what they done
We'll ride together til Kingdom come
I pray for God's mercy for soon I'll be dead

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