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John Wetton

Тексты песен John Wetton

Текст песни "You Against the World"

Did you fight your evil demons
Or did you walk away in tears
Did you hold your head within your hands
After all those years?

Did you tell them of your story?
How you fought till you were done
At the end of the day when you'd had your say
Well, the big guns won

When you talked to me of glory
I know you held your banners high
But for all the good it did you
You made a grown man cry

And for those of us who loved you
And couldn't bear to see the pain
When the lights went out inside you
Something died in vain

It was you against the world
With a wounded heart you'd try to be a woman
A fragile little bird
With the wings that wouldn't fly
You denied yourself the childhood you deserved
It was you against the world
And you were just a little girl

Could you think about forgiveness
Could you find it in your heart
To release all the anger you feel
And make a brave new start

To forget about your battles
There's no shame in your defeat
Love will only make you stronger
Make your life complete

And be that little girl
For soon enough you will become a woman
High above the world
So precious and so proud
Your wings soar through the cloud towards your freedom
But remember, mighty bird
When you were just a little girl
And it was you against the world

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