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Тексты песен Jimi Blue

Текст песни "Before You Go"


I miss you so


A cold night,
the stars are shining
I looked down
con stand you crying
I don't know why you say
that you have to leave

A little touch,
a lovers whisper
But deep inside the wish to kiss ya
How tell I come
that's what I still believe

Tomorrow you're far away
and you say
all sorrows get belong the way
But today,I'm bagging you baby
baby, please, please stay

Before you go (Before you go)
There's something I want you to know
Baby, care about my heart
'cause it will always be with you

I miss you so (I miss you so)
There was a heart, now there's a hole
Think about it one more time
and let your soul decide tonight

Before you go (Before you go)
aha yeah
Before you go (Before you go)

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