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Откуда Brentwood, Essex, England
Жанры Alternative Rock
Progressive Rock
Hard Rock
Alternative Metal
Годы 1996—н.в.
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Сайт Website
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Gary Marlow
Бывшие участники
Joe Morgan
Ben Konstantinovic

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Тексты песен InMe

Текст песни "Energy"

I was in heaven and you don't care,
My lucent orb is fading bright,
All of this hatred turns you on,
You can taste my life forever,
Voices shadow me and tell me to kill myself,
What to do? What to do?
All that contains me is gravity,
Mediterranean guided by the moon,
All of this burning cools you down,
Take me home because I don't feel like I used to,
Take me home because I don't feel like I did that day,

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