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Great Northern
Great Northern

Откуда Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Жанры Indie Rock
Годы 2005—н.в.
Лейблы Eenie Meenie Records
United Artists Records
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Sea Wolf
Сайт Website
Solon Bixler
Rachel Stolte
Michael Regilio
Marissa Micik
Dusty Rocherolle
Бывшие участники
Ashley Dzerigian
Davey Latter

Тексты песен Great Northern

Текст песни "Our Bleeding Hearts"

Here is a song for the only one
That you know that you never know
You're still looking for
The softest things you never quite see
But you know they are true
So let them carry you
They're there for you
And everything you do...
Spot on a satellite
Is bleeding you today
You don't wonder why
Will this thing get off
The ground and let you go

Doesn't it make you feel good...
Doesn't it make you feel good...
Doesn't it make you feel good
To know that some things
Are never so involved

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