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Откуда Leeds, England
Жанры Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
Годы 2006—2010
Лейблы Dance To The Radio
Сайт Website
Owen Brinley
Rory O'Hara
Lindsay Wilson
James Field
Бывшие участники
Rebecca Dumican
Michael Watts
Dominic Ord
Emilia Ergin

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Тексты песен Grammatics

Текст песни "KRUPT"

When the game is over and you're haemorrhaging money.
When you can't continue smashing it in with such aggression.
An encyclopedia of tired excuses to sell, now you know me well.
I'm the foetal sleeper on the next seat of the carriage.
So when are you taking me out for another fancy dinner?
Go ignore all of the signs, find your own personal hell
And you'll know me well, and you'll know me well,
Then you'll know me well... well enough to make a difference,
Well enough to pay a visit, well enough to make all the difference
Keeping an eye on you, I'll be keeping an eye on you.
When the game is over.

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