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Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah

Настоящее имя Dennis Coles
Дата рождения 9 мая 1970 г.
Откуда Staten Island, New York, United States
Жанры Hip-hop
Contemporary R&B
Годы 1991—н.в.
Лейблы Epic Records
Def Jam Recordings
См. также Wu-Tang Clan
Theodore Unit
Сайт Website

Тексты песен Ghostface Killah

Текст песни "Put It On The Line"

(feat. Trife Da God)

[Chorus: Trife Da God (sample)]
We love hip hop, and live a life of crime
Felt like I've been robbed, gotta take what's rightfully mine
So I'm staying on my job, yo, as far as the grinds
Gotta put in that work every day and just (put it on the line)
Strong mind still shine, young man in my prime
Had to switch it up on 'em, had to change with the times
Now the flows upgraded, got the labels in line
And sold five, get ya money up bitch (put it on the line)

[Trife Da God]
You about to read the greatest book ever published
The life and times of Trife Diesel, I give my heart to the public
Peep how a young boy was discovered, follow me, y'all
And bare witness as a nigga touch on these subjects
The year was 1980, the summer was hot and hazy
Reagan was president, and Nancy was the first lady
Born to a Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, a healthy lad
Wasn't poor, but, I didn't come from a wealthy pad
Moms and dad still married, they both try'nna provide
Two brothers and two sisters, I'm the youngest out of five
Stapleton's where I reside, the north side of the Island
Where try'nna survive was a challenge, my hood was flooded with violence
And crack was the new epidemic, and by the early 90's
The recall law was passed down by the Senate
The Yankees just won a pennant, and Jordan was in his prime
Now I'm living this life where I'm forced to (put it on the line)


[Trife Da God]
I'm on a journey, leaving no stone unturned
For your concern brother, I work for all I earn
Whether a crib in the p's, or a five mill mansion
Showing my ass like a stripper on some high heels dancing
Nowadays I'm showing expansion, controlling my team
And fuck a but-but, I'm try'nna get ahold of that phantom
My pops taught me how to hustle and attend to your ventures
Cuz a man is not a man if he ain't got no incentitive
Dealing with money, then everything has a percentage
Whether street or corporate office, try to keep a good image
Note these jewels I had to swallow, them words I still follow
Describe all, now me and this music, we such a good combo
Every 'morning' like Alonzo, I was serving indiction
Getting that money, fam, no matter the weather conditions
So I learned that it's better to listen, play your position
If you can't take the heat, then stay the hell out the kitchen


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