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Gerald Levert

Тексты песен Gerald Levert

Текст песни "What Makes It Good To You (No Premature Lovin')"

Verse 1

Heaven knows how I long for this
ever since we kissed
Anticipation was killing me
cause I wanna be your favorite fantasy
Would you talk to me?
Tell me where your spot is?
baby, where your sensitive?
I want to concentrate on all those things that make it good


What makes it good to you? I wanna know
And I won't be happy till you scream, "No More"
Say, its yours, no premature loving
What makes it good to you? tell me

Verse 2

Just your touch girl arouses me and I can't believe
it's about to go down and I am to. (Ha ha)
From your head down, down,
Until you tell where to stop. Oooooo
Cause these lips can't resist kissing' you
and your tender body Ooh, I don't mind
You got me through
Girl won't you tell me what makes it good to you

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

See, I don't wanna get there before you do
Step by step together baby
Now we're gonna groove
wouldn't it be sweet, wouldn't it be sweet
if we came together
Everything was right, on the very first night
baby, wouldn't that be clever, wouldn't that be
wouldn't that be; What makes it good to you?


I wanna do you good do you long time
Me do you long time
I wanna make you mine, oh baby
Just give me a sign when your ready

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