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Gerald Levert

Тексты песен Gerald Levert

Текст песни "Since You Ain't Around"

Baby, I'm tired of lyin' to myself
When it comes to you
Lately, I'm just sure to be cryin'
Testifying, girl I'm missing you

Pushed aside foolish pride, made up my mind
Baby girl, I'm needing you, yes I am
I can't front, you're the one
Without you girl, there ain't no love
Ain't no love, yeah

Whoa and
I'm convinced that there just ain't none
No love, no joy, no smile
Since you ain't around
Just pain and ups and downs
Since you ain't around

Baby, I ain't too proud
Begging you to come back to me
A grown man ain't s'pose to cry
But I can't stop the tears
Since you ain't here with me

How I miss when we kiss the time we spend
Baby, in each other's arms
Felt safe and warm, hey

[Repeat 1]

I don't like dinner alone
And when they're playin' our song on the radio
I get emotional
Baby girl I'm sincere
Girl, I'm needing you here
I think by now you should know
I can't seem to let you go, no

Baby girl, I need you here, and now
Things ain't the same
Since you ain't around, no, no

[Repeat 1]

(Since you ain't around)
Said, I can't sleep no more
(Since you ain't around)
I can't feel no more
(Since you ain't around)
I can't laugh no more
(Since you ain't around)
Said life ain't fun no more
Since you ain't around, baby
(Since you ain't around)
Since you ain't around baby
Since you ain't around baby
I ain't the same, I ain't the same

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