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Gerald Levert

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Тексты песен Gerald Levert

Текст песни "Make My Day"

(Featuring Sean Levert And Joe Little III)

Everyday, everyday, everyday
I need to see your face

Verse 1

Stress has got me going
I been here at work to long
Damn is it gonna be every time they call
I can't wait till I get home
And when I walk through the door
You know then it's you I'm looking for
To brighten up my cloudy day
And make the rain go away
Just like you did yesterday


Girl I need you to
Make my day, make my day
I had a real bad day
Lay me down and
Make my day, make my day
Make me a better day

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

Come lay down over here
Rub your fingers through my hair
Kiss me and tell me what I need to hear
Then love me till you take me there
You know exactly what to do
To keep me coming home to you
You take away my rainy day
And make the clouds go away
When I'm not having a good day

Chorus repeat twice


Just rub my back
With that thing that I like
Make my favorite meal
Its going down tonight
It's my day, day, day, day
Light a candle, turn on the radio
Be ready, set, cause here we go
It's my day, day, day, day


Since I woke up this morning
And my car wouldn't start
Then I went to work
Nearly lost my job, nearly lost my job
Aint nothing going my way
Lay me down and, yeah yeah
Make my day

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