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Откуда London, England
Жанры Blues Rock
Hard Rock
Годы 1968—1973
Лейблы Island Records
A&M Records
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John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
Bad Company
The Firm
Бывшие участники
Tetsu Yamauchi
John Bundrick
Andy Fraser
Simon Kirke
Paul Kossoff
Wendell Richardson
Paul Rodgers

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Тексты песен Free

Текст песни "Heavy Load"

just a young man
by an old road
by the route he chose
an ancient song
old tongue
for this man
was sung

oh i'm carrying a, heavy load
can't go no further down it's a, long road
it's a heavy load (oh a heavy load)

by a bright stream
came an old dream
things are never what they always seem
and so he went on
travelling on
now he's a long way from home

(chorus)- repeat 3x

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