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Откуда New York City, New York, United States
Годы 1976—н.в.
Лейблы Atlantic Records
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Тексты песен Foreigner

Текст песни "Seventeen"

Late last night
I get a call from a so-called friend
He wouldn't give his name
Says he saw you with another man
Feels like seventeen years
It's only seventeen days
Since I saw the real you
And I let you walk away

You left me broken
You left me stranded
The way you play this game of love
It's just plain underhanded
I spent a lot of time
And I spent all my money
Don't want no other fool
To put his hands on you

Who you been talkin' to?
Yeah who you been walkin' with?

Seventeen, you're just seventeen

They said I was playin' with fire
I knew I had to take a chance
I had to take you higher
To a new experience
But little did I know
I'd never get that far
Girl, you know you put on quite a show
You're gonna be a star

When you grow older, girl
You'll remember I told you, girl

Seventeen, you're just seventeen
Seventeen, seventeen

Seventeen, you're just seventeen
Seventeen, seventeen

Seventeen, you're only seventeen
Seventeen, seventeen

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