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Откуда Belton and Temple, Texas, USA
Жанры Heavy Metal
Nu Metal
Alternative Rock
Hard Rock
Alternative Metal
Годы 2000—н.в.
Лейблы Gun Records
A&M Records
INO Records
Сайт Website
Lacey Mosley
Sameer Bhattacharya
Jared Hartmann
Pat Seals
James Culpepper

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Тексты песен Flyleaf

Текст песни "Supernatural"

Her headaches are constant,
Increasing in pain
With each passing day.
She can't even manage
To stand on her own, it's gotten so bad.

And you think in saying
There's no use in praying.
But still, she bows her head.
So she can say
Thank you for just one more day.

Supernatural patience
Graces her face
And her voice never raises.
All because of a love
Never let go of, never let go.

He has every reason to throw up his fists
In the face of his God
Who let his mother die.
Through all the prayers and tears,
She still passed in pain anyway.

You think in saying
There's no use in praying
And still, he bows his head.
So he can say
Thank you for ending her pain.

Yes it's supernatural patience
Graces his face
And his voice never raises.
All because of a love
Never let go of.

Never let go...

He is teaching you...
What love really means...

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