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Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy

Откуда Wilmette, Illinois, United States
Жанры Alternative Rock
Pop punk
Годы 2001—2009
Лейблы Island Records
Fueled by Ramen
Decaydance Records
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Сайт Website
Patrick Stump
Joe Trohman
Pete Wentz
Andy Hurley
Бывшие участники
Mike Pareskuwicz

Тексты песен Fall Out Boy

Текст песни "Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends"

You are a getaway car- a rush of blood to the head
But me, I'm just the covers on top of your bed
You steer away in a rear view mirror- you make my head swim
I keep you warm and won't ask you where you've been

With your backless black dress soaked to the skin
When it's said and down they're all scrambling
And we're friends, yeah we're friends
Just because we move units

Strike us like matches, cause everyone deserves the flames
We only do it for the scars and stories, not the fame
At least everyone else is trying, everyone else is shining
Everyone deserves the flames but it's such a shame
Such a shame

The sounds of this small town make my ears hurt
Oh yeah, you caught me. But I caught you way worse
They say, "You want a war? You've got a war."
But who are you fighting for?
The tides out, the ship's run aground

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