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Тексты песен Evoken

Текст песни "In Graven Image"

Through funeral mists, dissonant chant surrounds
Aura of impurity obscured
Cimmerian shadows cast by moonlit skies
Seek solace amid the withered boughs
Winter shrouds the land in twilight frost
Alone to wander the darkened path.....

"With sheets of fog spaced in horrible bands across a sky that curves, recedes, descends, formed by the most sinister black smoke..."

Beyond the mournful veil of faded sunsets
Graven image etched in timeless sorrow
During the dark hours of winter's misery
Archaic vision of impiety's gift

Evoken winds, speak in sinister shades
Draped in nightfall, eternal skies
Sanctuary, unfound in labyrinthine courts
The impending silence-discordant....

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