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Тексты песен Esham

Текст песни ""Please""

Baby, I been holding somthing inside me for a very long time and uh, I gotta tell you what it is, so just listen baby, ok?

Too much time has past for me to go without ass
You tell me to slow down, you think I'm movin to fast
So I do what you wish and slow down just a little bit
Hugs and kisses aint gettin it no more
I need some pussy, shit
I'm tired of this waiting and dating aint gettin me no where
It's a hotel around the corner sugar why dont we go there
And plus I have to mention
I have to releave my sexual tension
I dont make love, I f**k so baby pay attention
I did it like tradition and waited, but you still say no?
F**k that shit, I'm gettin mad I need some pussy ho
Dont even bore me with that foreplay 'cause my dick is ready
Straight to the pussy, dick is hard and I'll rock it steady
You want me to beg, well then I'm down on my knees
I'm addicted to bust a nut
So why dont you make me bust a nut pleaze

(Esham tryin to get some)

Baby whats up, 'cause I'm tired of this convo
You gonna give it up or what a simple yes or no
Yes will get you f**ked, but no will get you f**ked up
You used that period shit on me too many times and lucked up
Your peroid was the other day, I know you aint on it
You be the steak and I'll be the bone
And I know your on birth control
So condoms are not involved
Just let me stick my jimmy inside you my problems solved
Your pussy's wet and your still tellin me not yet
My dick dont get no harder than this bitch, f**k that
You tellin me no like it's going outta style ho
So when I f**k you I'm a hit it for a while ho
You want me to beg, well then I'm down on my knees
I'm addicted to bust a nut
So why dont you make me bust a nut pleaze

(Esham tryin to get some)

You talkin bout you wanna go home
How you gonna go home when my dick still on bone
(My mama said I gotta be home)
F**k that, I aint for that
And when you get home, tell that ho that
Girl you think I'm jokin, f**k that I need some ass ho
Rapes on my mind so dont make me have to ask ho
The clock is tickin and I'm kickin my game to ya
But instead I'd rather be stickin my dick to ya
Baby what's up, this the last time I'm a say
We dont f**k, you dont go home today
And P.S. bitch, I'm tired of gettin on my knees
And I'm oh so tired of sayin the mother f**kin word 'pleaze'

(Esham tryin to get some)

Yo this is for all you ho's out there, that dont wanna give up the ass, you know, pleaze just aint cuttin it no more, so all the fellaz out there f**k pleaze, you know, run that game, you ho's drop them draws and that's it, 'cause a nigga aint even goin for pleaze no more, I'm a tell yall like that, so you ho's that dont like it can kiss my ass, hey f**k that dont give up the butt shit, 'cause I want to nut, beeatch.

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