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Emma Shapplin

Тексты песен Emma Shapplin

Текст песни "See Marie..."

Between the branches
Dawn just hit my face
And anger shows me yours
Frozen In an arid winter
Birds of horror
I shout with no tongue
Love destroys me
And my sun has lost its way
And I have no wish to wage war

See, Marie
See, Marie

l'm burning, even in winter
And I would like to stop
the chariot of stars
Oh Madonna!

Jealousy is holding me prisoner
And I see
Without eyes
This song hurts me no more
And I run, barefoot, among the brambles

I wait, and cannot find peace
Oh how I wish I could perish, I often
But I can neither live with
Nor live without such a gentle ghost

What is this, if not love?
What is this, if not love?

See, Marie
See, Marie
Madonna, come save me

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