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Откуда Manchester, England
Жанры Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
New prog
Годы 1998—н.в.
Лейблы Heavenly Records
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Сайт Website
Jez Williams
Jimi Goodwin
Andy Williams

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Тексты песен Doves

Текст песни "Friday's Dust"

Friday's dust 
Turned into a Saturday's 
It wasn't meant to be this way 
It wasn't meant to end so late 

Friday's trust 
A deal not brokered honestly 
Perhaps it's just a game they played 
Tell me they've not flown away 

All the hope 
And all the wonder 
All the strength that they can muster 
Won't go 
They won't get me down 

Their desire 
It seems they've got designs on me 
They never want me honestly 
They try to take me foolishly 

All the toys and creature comforts 
All the dreams they can rupture 
Won't go 

Friday's dust 
Takes all the love we own

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