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Don Caballero

Тексты песен Don Caballero

Текст песни "Slice Where You Live Like Pie"

Ooh ooh ooh
My my my
Gimme a piece of where you live like pie

It's so neat, it's so sweet
Pie is something we can eat
Pumpkin here, brownstone there
Slice that real estate everywhere

Slice, slice, slice and eat it
You know where it's at
Put it in the fridge, save it for later
Pie is a thing houses want to be

(Master P guest rap)

We gonna ride tonight
Slice where you live like pie tonight
Yeah, yeah, Don Caballero likes that bud
But you know he ain't nothin' but a thug
That's right, that's right
Did I do that?

(Moog solo)

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