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Dizzee Rascal
Dizzee Rascal

Настоящее имя Dylan Kwabena Mills
Дата рождения 1 октября 1985 г.
Откуда Bow, London, England, UK
Жанры Electronic
Годы 2000—н.в.
Лейблы Definitive Jux
Matador Records
XL Recordings
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Сайт Website

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Тексты песен Dizzee Rascal

Текст песни "Dream"

how am i gonna pull this off man with
out soundin dark?

this, this is too sensibly for me man

how you gonna hav a dream cum

i use to dream bout crazy little fings
like fame in the days hangin outside
the off-license.
we use to run around the streets
recless with no shame mainly up too
no gud
a whole world anonsense and wen
the girls walk by we wud try to catch
their eye
and if they aint a show face we wud
act imature ova people
tryed to tap me girl since i was a kid
a couple west girls on my radar i was
and i was dead sure that i knew it all,
whole world against me
attitude i nearly blew it all i find it a
real big struggale gettin thru it all
i swear i didnt wanna listen cuz i sure
didnt care,
not no if a reality id hav 2 prepare
cuz money dnt grow on no stick wen
its rare me on
bro was lukin less than less the lick
plus i was growin up life was lukin like
a scare

how u gonna hav a dream cum true?

i use to love music it was like my
hidden hobbie but i cuddnt get on
local radio back then,
so i went to north london i travelled
to Tottenham to be presise
and got sum air time on heat FM
then it escalated i was gettin ratings
here and ther
and carried on untill eventually i was
everywhere i started doin all the hot
ministery ceasers palace p area Time
and Envy i did the grim and the
i did the port and the plush i didnt
hang around i wanted my money in a
mind frame in the studio dis stage no
time to chat i didnt wanna engage
i found my self a new hussel it was
beautiful and non like the one before
a bit more suitable,
the more challenging it got the more i
fort it
made an album ova a 100,000 ppl
bought it thank you.

talk bout things u like, to, do

how you gonna hav a dream cum

to all the youngers cotching in the
stairs in the flats
to the super star soccerlings
Beckham in the makins u can go far
if u put ur mind to it ur a star
dont wait to be told just do it,
try and keep school in ur plans dont
worrie bout ur mans
they'll be there in the end if ur real
if they aint dnt be makin no effort to
ur fine the way u are just do wat u
young baby mothers yo i got ur bk
as well,
young baby fathers hold it down for
ur girl,
i aint tryin to preach but for wat its
worth, (wat its worth)
thats kids the next generation plant
big shout to the world cuz i been all
around (all around)
wen im gone im always finkin bout
my home town,
im from the LDN, no forgettin that,
and the big uk i stay reppin that!

how u gonna hav a dream cum true?

ey u love dat tell me u dnt love dat

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