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DeYarmond Edison

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Тексты песен DeYarmond Edison

Текст песни "Epoch"

It's your sinking divide.
Clock went cold and the readouts die
Head ain't reading things right.
We malfunction blinking light.

Looking up at the waves.
Peaks and bones have you erased.
Surface gets farther away.
Settle and sediment sinks to clay.

And your bones start to weigh (wake?).
And your face picks you late.
And before you fade away.
Your sweeping for days.

There's a flicker in the cold.
Second chance to have and hold.
Out with the new in with the old.
The wavelength rests at its note.

Cause there's been a grief.
There's been washing and bleach.
There's no lessons to teach.
And the epoch is a leech.

And it all starts to creep.
The walls start to leak.
So they remember you weep.
It's more than a dream.

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