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DeYarmond Edison

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Тексты песен DeYarmond Edison

Текст песни "Dash"

How many ways can you think about Jesus
Up in the sky, as vague as your thesis
Unknown, how do I know you?
How do I know you?

All of us ache, for answers to questions
We’re up on the hillside, waiting, awaking
Oh Gabriel, when will you speak to me?
When will you speak to me?

On the path to Damascus
At the dimming of the day
Paul was huddling the cross
Carving his name
Oh people, we’re all in the lion’s den
we’re all in the lion’s den

We think it’s all held together by services and sacrament
And faith is like permanence, clay bowls and firmament
Oh honey, I am the honest one
I am the honest one

Carl Jung and I are out on the ocean
He pokes me in the side, says they all feel the notion
And we’re moving, along with the slightest swells
Along with the slightest swells

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