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Des Ark

Тексты песен Des Ark

Текст песни "Jesus Loves You (But Yr Still Comin Home With Me Tonight)"

Sold my baby to the old slow river, got the cold blue shiver, you take care of her.
Came to get her but she don't remember all the tear-stained letters, you be good to her.
Winter's gonna come, it's gonna drag you people out and the roads will close and you finally will walk and then one by one the leeves will break.
I won the best fucking bet in town, I told my girl that I been sleeping around.
I couldn't see her, but I met her in the dark with her clothes hung loose so I piled them on the floor.
I was a ghost of a lover to you, I let you make up all this shit that was never true I couldn't see you so I left you in the dark.
I was sick with you.

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