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Deitrick Haddon

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Тексты песен Deitrick Haddon

Текст песни "7-d's"

(feat. BJ)

D,D,D,D,D,D,D,....D,D,D,Deitrick Haddon

[Verse 1]
I Aint Change
Cuz I Got Folks Singing My Name
(Singing My Name) (Yeah)
And As A Matter Fact I Had To Go Through
A Little More Pain (More Pain)
And As I Win One Soul
I'm Doing What God Call Me To Do
Um.. I Do Whatever It Takes
To Get The Word Straight To You


[Verse 2]
When People Tell Me That
My Music Changed Their Life (Change Their Life)
Said Man Your Music Made
Me Go Home To My Wife
And There Were Two Songs
That Took Me Through My Greatest Test
And When I Here Those Testimonies
They Let Me Know That I've Been Blessed(Ooh)


Ohoooo Ohooooo Ooooooooooooooooo

[Bj:] Man Ain't Nothin Changed With The Live
We Save
From Night To Day We Give Christ The Praise
No Matter The Cause We'll Carry The Cross
Those Lyrics Insane(Yeah)
You Ready To Tell Em' How You Feelin
Deitrick: It's Been A Long Time Coming
I'm Here Now
From The Streets To The Church I'm All In
Ya Ears Now
With A Whole Revolution In Gospel Music
We've Got Gospel Movin
I'm Just The Vessel That God Been Using Bj
Tell What God Been Doing
[Bj:] We've Been Changing Up A Storm
Broken Lies And Rumors
Yeah I'm Here To Show Em' That God Really Cares
That He's Already There, I Already Told He's A
Sinners Prayer
So Give Me A Beat And I'll Keep On Rapping
[Deitrick:] And I'll Keep On Singing
[Both:] And We'll Keep On Bringing
[Deitrick:] Like Gospels Like Apostles
Just Adding Tracks So Step Back
[Bj:] I'm Here To Let You Know That
D. Hadd Is Back Come On

[Chorus: Til Fade]

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