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Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse

Настоящее имя Brian Joseph Burton
Дата рождения 29 июля 1977 г.
Место рождения White Plains, New York, United States
Жанры Hip-hop
Alternative Rock
Alternative Hip-Hop
Indie Rock
Годы 1998—н.в.
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Тексты песен Danger Mouse

Текст песни "Pain"

Ow! OW!

A massive headache in my aging skull
Means I do not feel well

Pain, pain, pain
Bad brains must always feel pain

The problem started with my attitude
It's lust, direct and crude
There are good people in this world of bums
But, sadly, I am not one

Pain, pain, pain
That's why I'll always be in pain

Good karma will not get you anywhere
Look at Jesus and his hair

Pain, pain, pain
Bad brains must always feel pain

Justice, religion, and success are fake
And the shiny people stink

I'm a mix of god and monkey

Pain, pain, pain
To feel pain is all that will remain
Pain, pain, pain, pain, paaaaaaaaain

Et cetera, I give up, I quit!

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