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Damon Albarn
Damon Albarn

Настоящее имя Damon Albarn
Дата рождения 23 марта 1968 г.
Место рождения Whitechapel, London, England
Откуда Colchester, England
Жанры Hip-hop
Alternative Hip-Hop
Alternative Rock
Годы 1988—н.в.
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The Good, the Bad & the Queen
Monkey: Journey to the West
Сайт Website

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Тексты песен Damon Albarn

Текст песни "Rappy Song"

Correct me if I'm wrong,
is this a rappin' song
but I got token ticking
I bail him over
and well I ques que se*
the sun back in my bag
I'm drinking lava sunshine, with tea
and beds are messy
and all my worlds
are shut up in your face
I'll waste a few
I'll give a few
And then ostaside (?) me


*Rapping part*

I go from hotel to the car
and to the club
and sing my song
and hopefully I look inside
and she is pretty
and so my car is in (?)
Thats the reason I wasn't in
I go rou rou rou round again
and I hope you like us

*rapping part*

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