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Тексты песен Combichrist

Текст песни "Through These Eyes Of Pain"

The soil drenched in blood
She's got a grin on her face, she listens to the voices in my head
I've always been her favorite toy, a machine without a soul
Her hands are bruised, the body dead
Memories flood through my mind, I'm shattered, I am falling apart
I am her final sin
Now I need to pay attention, she says pain is all we have
And through fear we'll conquer our betrayal

The time is slowing down
The time is slowing down
What brings us to an end
Through these eyes of pain

She twists the knife, then asks for a light
Lights a cigarette, she says the world is dying tonight
Anything can happen now, you're sad, I know
You know, they said it's gonna be alright
I'm sorry to disappoint you but the angels they're all dead
I will leave your empty heart on my grave

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