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Cobra Starship
Cobra Starship

Откуда New York City, New York, United States
Жанры Alternative Rock
Pop punk
New Wave
Годы 2005—н.в.
Лейблы Fueled by Ramen
Decaydance Records
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Сайт Website
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Бывшие участники
Elisa Schwartz

Тексты песен Cobra Starship

Текст песни "You're Not in on the Joke"

Don't take them faces at their value
in a cynical town
Can't you smell the stale air?
I had no skill but I had heart
So then I turned it around
So just remember

I'm no cynic, but sometimes I get bored
I'm no cynic; I got a heart of gold
They say I'm cold
Oh baby whi you cold?

I'm super-sweet; sealed with a kiss
Don't get offended
if there's something you missed

I only show you what I want you to see
I got my tougue in my cheek
If you see them laughing
Don't follow in
'Cause they're the butt of my joke

I'll always be just who you want me to be
and keep my tongue in my cheek
A hopeless romantic
You'll never see
'Cause you're not in on the joke

I got my picture in the paper
and my parents were proud:
"Hey kid, that's not a bad job yeah."
Next thing you know
peculiar faces start hangin' around
Dear lord, could you spare me?

I've just got one side to show you all:
My ass is awesome
so smile when you're kissing it

They say I'm cold
gabey baby you so col
I'm super-sweet; sealed with a kiss,
Call your professor
if there's something you missed

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