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Cobra Starship
Cobra Starship

Откуда New York City, New York, United States
Жанры Alternative Rock
Pop punk
New Wave
Годы 2005—н.в.
Лейблы Fueled by Ramen
Decaydance Records
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Сайт Website
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Бывшие участники
Elisa Schwartz

Тексты песен Cobra Starship

Текст песни "Move Like You Gonna Die"

You wanna run your mouth?
You better find something new to say
Couse kid I've heard it all before:
"You're such a rockstar-
What's with the attitude?"
Man I had attitude before I ever did good

You gotta get on your feet now
Shut your mouth- get on your feet now
We gotta move past the beef now
And just move, just move

Cause at night you can see me
Smoke this dancefloor

I got the best taste
in this whole damn place
But I've had it up to here with this crowd
I'm leaving now
Let's go right now

And you've got the most grace
in this whole damn place
If you wanna disappear
Let's make a clear break right now
Let's go right now
So just move, just move
Just move like you're gonnd die soon

I ain't misunderstood
But I ain't always good
I won't apologize
Fuck Hollywood

But yeah I'm kinda soft
I root for the underdogs
And if I fall tomorrow
I'll still know where I came from

Cause tonight you can see me
At AK-47

Yea I know you wanna hate me
But I got no time
if you don't know how to move
Just wanna dance with you
Don't wanna talk to you
Cause tonight you can see me
Smoke this dancefloor like

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