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Circa Survive
Circa Survive

Откуда Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Жанры Experimental
Progressive Rock
Indie Rock
Годы 2004—н.в.
Лейблы Atlantic Records
Equal Vision Records
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This Day Forward
Сайт Website
Anthony Green
Colin Frangicetto
Brendan Ekstrom
Nick Beard
Steve Clifford

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Тексты песен Circa Survive

Текст песни "Mandala"

Dance with me for I’ll be leaving soon
The afterbirth on the keypads overwhelm
“Did he who make the lamb make thee”?
Help me find its origin in a cartoon house, in a cartoon car
There are cities buried underneath our cities
“Let the people be free” it’s all around us
Let the people see we so obviously had another hand and so separated
How can I feel or act like I’ve made this
when I so obviously had another hand.

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