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Cass McCombs

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Тексты песен Cass McCombs

Текст песни "My Master"

I heard my master spoke with your master
I wonder what for?
Was it in commerce?
Very odd. isn't it?
Very odd indeed
Did you happen to see if my master
Had a happy or angry look on his face?
Oh. you didn't
Silvy told me my master came calling
First thing after breakfast
And they were both wearing common coats
And they greeted eachother with friendship
And quickly went to your master's office
And they been in that office all day
Can you imagine?
I sure can
You just got to wonder what they're talking about
I got enough worries and now this!
Silvy seemed worried, too
Aren't you?
What does this mean?
I suppose we'll find out soon enough
Lord have mercy

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