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Cass McCombs

Тексты песен Cass McCombs

Текст песни "Lionkiller Got Married"

I heard he's trying to write himself out of a hole he had dug
I heard his new mantra is "The more I kill, the more I love"
I heard he spends most his time staring at the lock on the door
Well, some people never change, even if change is what they're wishing for
Lionkiller got married, I heard some slug say
I said, see you next Tuesday, in the English way

I heard they married for the wedding, that his EQUINOX came true
I feel sorry for that kid, he had potential, I mean it, I really do
One guy said the dumb kid went looking for censorship
And found it on the stage!
I just wonder why anyone in their right mind would get married, nowadays
Lionkiller got married, or is it just hearsay?
He said, see you next Tuesday, but in an English way

You see, this is what happens when a leitmotif implodes
I'll give him one credit though, he has memorized his modes
And what about the Lion? Did it come disguised as a Medici?
I heard the Lion was invited to the big day, but the beast was too cowardly
Lionkiller got married, to a shrew named K
She said, see you next Tuesday, but in an English way

And the girl, what's her angle on this? I mean, like what does she do?
I heard she came from a family of catholic-athiests too
Alright, I'll cut those kids some slack, I'm not really all that conceited
I wish them all of my best, because they're going to need it
Lionkiller got married, and they live near L.A.
So I'll see you next Tuesday, meant in an English way

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