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Broken Bells
Broken Bells

Откуда Los Angeles, California, United States
Жанры Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
Space Rock
Годы 2009—н.в.
Лейблы Columbia Records
См. также Gnarls Barkley
Danger Mouse
Danger Doom
The Shins
Сайт Website
James Mercer
Brian Burton

Тексты песен Broken Bells

Текст песни "Sailing to Nowhere"

Tomorrow I sail the world
Lovin, more than I know with blood on my hands
Wouldn't know, you're a devious sister
Guts on your blouse
Close your old ways

And diamonds a dozen
Sailing to nowhere
They burn and float on
Still we move on through the night

Boiling systems
Drain the lot
They go down by their hearts
One by one
Long to find
A way up
Following the ghost down

Running in circles
A mouse on the table
I try to feel, I just don't
Hurtin' and dead inside
Go on and cut 'em in half
Said I

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