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Brenda Lee

Тексты песен Brenda Lee

Текст песни "I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus"

(F.Adams / I.Jones)

I'm gonna lasso santa claus and i know just why because,
I'm gonna pull, pull, pull, on his beard,
Pull, pull, to see if it's real.
I'm gonna tick, tick, tickle him on the tummy because he laughs so funny.
He's so jolly and so fine when he comes around on christmas time.

I'm gonna lasso santa claus and the reason is because,
I know a boy and girl he never goes see,
He never brings 'em toys like he does for me.
I'm gonna pop, pop santa clause with my water pistol gun
And then i'll take his bags of toys and run and bring to all the kids who don't

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