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Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Настоящее имя Robert Allen Zimmerman
Дата рождения 24 мая 1941 г.
Место рождения Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.
Жанры Rock
Годы 1961—н.в.
Лейблы Columbia Records
Asylum Records
См. также Traveling Wilburys
The Band
Grateful Dead
Сайт Website

Тексты песен Bob Dylan

Текст песни "Man On The Street"

I'll sing you a song, ain't very long
About a man who never done wrong
How he died nobody can say
They found him in the street one day

Well, the crowd they gathered one fine 'morn
At the man whose clothes and shoes Were torn
There on the sidewalk, he did lay
They stoppped and stared
And they walked their way

Now, the policeman come
And he looked around,
"Get up, old man, or I'm a-takin' you down"
He jabbed him once with his bully club
And the old man then rolled off the curb

Well, he jabbed him again and loudly he said,
"Call the wagon; this man is dead"
The wagon came, they loaded him in
I never saw that man again

I've sung you my song, it ain't very long
'Bout an old man that never done wrong
How he died, no one can say
They found him dead on the street one day

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