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Billy Crawford

Тексты песен Billy Crawford

Текст песни "Bright Lights"

It's twelve o'clock
and we just flew in
The hotel just sent up the Hen
Throw them ones on, and meet
me in the lounge
Grab my ice and
I'm ready to bounce
Soon as I walked out my door
Oh yea man there she to
I saw a fire on
the fourteenth floor
Her ass say hey and my dick said oh

I know she feeling me
Cause her walk is killing me
Girl you looking good
I know you not from my hood
I know you a ways from home
You don't have to be alone
Baby I'll be around
Room 1410 if you down

She's from the bright lights
I'm from the big city
She's gota nice ass and got
some big oooh wee
Oh lord this girl is so pretty
So let's do it to the congo's
Spend you like a bank roll
until you holla let's go

Got downstairs
She just left with her peeps
And I don't want
to cause a scene
Ride out 24's on the jeep
CD playa bumpin Jay-Z
Jet ski's big balling
in the water
Yet I'm still looking
for somebody's daughter
Across the street, on the beach
She came over here just to talk to

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