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Текст песни "Leper Madonna"

Leper Madonna-spineless from the start
Like a Virgin comes to town, you're sucked into the part
Living by your story, spreading your disease
Suffah for your glory, falling to your knees

Friday nite-a brasier in your suitcase
Like a Prayer-death creeping like a nun
Monday-blind devotion came with black lace
Seeee O-ri-on

Leper Madonna-Jaymz is at your breast
He don't give a fuck-a how you feed the rest

Leper Madonna-Jaymz is in your bed
Listen to Metallica raging in your head

Tuesday-you are taken by the glamour
Wednesday-see the sheep are set to come
Thursday-you're a stinking drunk with power
Seeee O-ri-on

Leper Madonna-Heaven you will meet
Make a contribution, get a bettah seat

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