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Тексты песен Babylon Zoo

Текст песни "Aroma Girl"

There is somethin' strange deep inside her brainI don't know where to start this bionic heart in my imaginationI wonder, how low, how low, how low is your soulI don't know what to say it's a fool's paradeThere's a million stars tearing us apart in my imaginationI wonder how low, how low, how low is your soulIn my imagination I wonder how low, how low, how low is your soul

*Say that that you want me, the fear is gone, the fear is goneWaitin' for the midnight run to carry me home, aroma girl, aroma girl
You and me we are so manic, never satisfiedThere's no way we're runnin' outta timePeople say the government's to blame, why do we live this way?Life is strange, there's no one left to blame, how do we live this way oh me?

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