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Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria

Откуда York, North Yorkshire, England
Жанры Electronic
Годы 2008—н.в.
Лейблы Sumerian Records
Сайт Website
Ben Bruce
James Cassells
Danny Worsnop
Cameron Liddell
Sam Bettley
Бывшие участники
Ryan Binns
Joe Lancaster

Тексты песен Asking Alexandria

Текст песни "Not The American Average"

All the things that you said was it all in my head?
Come on baby
Keep it down, honey hush your lips
Clothes trailing from the backdoor to the bedroom
And I don't even know your name
(Woo) Give me all you've got
Make this night worth my time
Make this worth my time
Oh what I would give to live this night again
I knew when I first saw you
You'd fuck like a whore
That this would be a night to remember
Hope they hear you screaming for more
Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze
My lips, your poison
They bring you down to your knees
Girl get down
It's almost over
Take it all the way
You stupid fucking whore
And after all of all my dreaming being only you
You're standing there baby oh the things that I could do
Back to the wall with a drink in my hand
Baby back it up and ride, ride, ride
She's screaming
With your back against the wall, with your face buried in the pillow
I feel you cold, I see you heartless

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