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Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria

Откуда York, North Yorkshire, England
Жанры Electronic
Годы 2008—н.в.
Лейблы Sumerian Records
Сайт Website
Ben Bruce
James Cassells
Danny Worsnop
Cameron Liddell
Sam Bettley
Бывшие участники
Ryan Binns
Joe Lancaster

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Тексты песен Asking Alexandria

Текст песни "Hiatus"

Smoke is rising from the houses People burying their dead
I asked somebody what the time is But time doesn't matter to them yet People talking without speaking Trying to take what they can get I ask you if you remember Prospect, how could I forget Drums Here it comes Don't you wish that life could be as simple As fish swimming round in a barrel when you've got the gun? Oh, when I run Here it comes We're just two little figures in a soup bowl Trying to get the other kind of control But I wasn't one But here I lie On my own in a separate sky And here I lie On my own in a separate sky I don't wanna die On my own here tonight But here I lie On my own in a separate sky.

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