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Тексты песен Ari Hest

Текст песни "Aberdeen"

When I get out of Aberdeen one of these days
Trade in the truck and these fields of green for a ticket on the airways
I've seen pictures in magazines of skyscrapers and light displays
And all that I can think about is getting away

Every dollar I have saved
Every winter I have braved
Every road that I have paved
Leads to somewhere
Never was there any doubt
I would make my way out
I want to know what life's all about
And I will get there

Like clockwork the sun rises on this farm
Brightens the hills and wakes the trees, this town has its charm
But when you see it day in and day out for over twenty years
What once was a choice becomes obvious, now it's clear


When I get out of Aberdeen one of these days
I'm not quite sure which way I'll lean, but it won't matter anyway
And I'll never forget about you,
We'll meet again someday
But all I know is I can't stay


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