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Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

Тексты песен Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

Текст песни "Good To See You (Bill's Song)"

Names don't count for much in this place
It's what you do and what you don't
You can almost put your fist through the echoes
That glide unforeseen on their way home
And Space in where nobody's standing
On this point, on this line
I always knew I'd see you again
But its been one helluva time

it's good to see you
See you survived
it's good to sse you
See you still alive

A flock of angels flew by my window
They reminded me of you
So brave and young, flexing your wings
Save the world was what you were gonna do
One day you were gone like the strike of a match
Up into the great unknown
A sky pilot who scorched the clouds
In your machine of shining chrome

Don't know were you've been,
what you've seen
How you separated the lies from truth
Your eyes two caves, two candles
And a cloud thay follows you
We have no questions, need no answers
Silence breaks this unearthly sound
What went up had to come down
As this darkness settles around

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