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Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

Тексты песен Anita Lipnicka & John Porter

Текст песни "Beggar's Song"

You sit in your palace
I'm out on the street
You drink the champagne of your sweet life
I've got nothing to eat
But I've got more fingers
Than I've got friends

I wanna be the sunlight
That illuminates your skin
Be the one you're waiting for
The one that you let in
But whenever I see you
It always seems to rain

Don't ever give up
Just look up
There's an angel on the way

I wanna hold you, touch you
Melt inside your mouth
Dive deep inside you
And never come on out
The days are getting shorter
And at nights I burn up inside

I'm standing on a bridge, in the fog
Just waiting for you
I know you'll never come
But wait is what I'll do
And see the sunrise
Knowing you're around

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