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American Cream Team

Тексты песен American Cream Team

Текст песни "It's Not A Game"

(feat. Raekwon, RZA)

[Chorus: Superb]
If you don't stand for this life you fall for anything
I stand for Cream Team, see we plan our dreams
shit ain't a game, we don't run game, we run businesses
watch us shine and watch the World be our witnesses

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Observe real though
half cieling of blow
rhymin' Deniro dough
dundalero yo
let the steel blow
hear me yo, wild trump style
Dons connect three hundred ones wow
floatin' like a maccarel, thats foul
most craziest, laziest
all eye seein', blaze this majorness
mechanic record on a beige disc
pain, whatever level bankrolls
frequent plain clothes
Lex spit six, arrange those
snot nose pros
dark skin hoes
crazy ill fly jersey Expos
neck froze
fuck your set, slash vetos
still Lex knows
gasoline jumper on with the most fly livest Gortex made in Mexico
bricks Fifteen Five
Celine Dion ties
Two Thousand dollar bubble eyes
yo, the theme cries
rollin' for cream yo now watch the laser beam rise
sling pies
doin' our thing high.

[Verse 2: Baby Thad]
The chain of command is effective immediately, the cause and effect
it calls for your death
Black suburbans at night with no lights ram you off Hollywood Hills
tearin' off the doors to your Lex
steel Magnolia
fear is takin' over ya
if you ain't bowlin' we rollin' straight over ya
if you ain't real about it don't talk
hollow clips evict you, set supper for the Hawks
send a missile at your ear like (whizz whizz) "what was it?"
buzz the buzzers
blow past with clutch buckets
they'd rather not see you in Malibu eatin' veal
strength recognize strength, real recognize real.
[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Chip Banks]
It ain't a game dick
you know us, European whips
chain frost bit
Peter pay Paul now pay the boss kid
Heavens the stakes are now even
sent the heat rash to your camp, left his shirt there now you barely
slow leakin'
look at your people weepin'
I ain't have to quickdraw Mcgraw you I could Fifty Two block you
switch my stance up Southpaw, drop you
you got small digits, your riches is midgets to mine
you sip Ballantine, I'm crown Royale
sit back laughin' while ya'll plans foyale
ya'll funny style, you'll never make it to trial
It ain't a game kid.

[Verse 4: Rhyme Recca]
World premier, metal gear
fanfare, stand clear
all jokes aside, this is our year
still here for real ya'll, bare witness
this is business
NewYork City's sickness
simple street principle
cream team invincible
money interchangable
bulletproof Benzes
Ralph Lauren lenses
soldiers in the trenches
four car garage, mini-mansion
consolidated regiment
connects like the President
rock waves with Three Sixty measurements
chrome rims, new timbs
exotic chains with red gems
real estate
corporation mindstate
dealin' with the highest of integrity
steadily, wall street bound
walkin' on Holy ground
give is the greatest of all, I spread my love around
young black multi, this ain't a game son, we run businesses.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 5: Rza]
I burst like a sea crackin' through the earth,
flower blossomin'
for your rhyme sickness spittin' anti-toxin
best merk
get your neck jerked
dynamic mic teck squirt
lyrics splurt blast the expert
to his head 'till his legs hurt
knees become wobbly
King got love-love, born equal equality
bring bodily harm, probably bust a brain artery
kidnap the track
I could rap to the high hats
my widescreen imax lyric spread until the climax
Wu instrumental breaks scratch past the aftertake
live performance concert, make shorty wop masturbate
in the tub legs open water be rushin' from the faucet
thinkin' about the Wu-Tang gang bang she almost lost it
I move from the blood marked turf
where the heart hurts
and merk to the heavily refined hills where the God lurks
everyday I'm countin'
Son, my thoughts can move a mountain
so much joy in his eyes he'll make you cry a fountain
you purse snatch while I earth snatch and take the earth back
have you runnin' like Devils bein' chased by the churc

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