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Agnostic Front
Agnostic Front

Откуда New York City, New York, United States
Жанры Hardcore Punk
Crossover Thrash
Годы 1980—н.в.
Лейблы Hellcat Records
Epitaph Records
Nuclear Blast
I Scream Records
Rat Cage Records
Combat Records
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Тексты песен Agnostic Front

Текст песни "For My Family"

For my family for my friends
for those that we've lost I sing
this is a message, this is for you
never forget the lower east side crew!

I remember all times we spent
and all that we went through
down on avenue A
the year was 1982!

HARDCORE! New York City!
that's how we live it!

we always stuck together
we always had something to prove
we gave birth to a movement
this is for the old school and the new!

HARDCORE! New York City!
that's how we live it!

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