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Тексты песен Aftershock

Текст песни "Prelude to Forever"

Innocence of a child...child of pure, unclouded brow. Seeking answers...reciting wonder...apprehension declines from this looking glass house. Projected familiar...calling me...behold the ecstacy. Riddled perception...riddled their game unfolds from my looking glass house. Majestic blade severs time. Premonition transpires, Behold...the wonder, Soul torn...asunder. Majestic blade, sanctioned sign. Regressive progression obliged. Behold...the wonder. Soul torn...asunder. Conform and mimic me. Obey and mimic me. Affirm and mimic me. Consent and mimic me. Accept and mimic me. Submit and mimic me. Comply and mimic me. Do my eyes refle ct the things I must protect...and will my soul neglect the strength I must project?

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