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Тексты песен Aftershock

Текст песни "Black"

Shallow footsteps echo across the floor. All that once was, I can see no more. With the eyes of a child, you offer
us the world. With the wounds of the overlooked, I trust in you no more. Bitter(sweet), now I've realized. Drain from me,
bleed me with a smile. In the eyes of the impressionable, your silhouette shines gold...but in my eyes the truth be
known...all is black. Bleed me and you will find deep inside...all the pain you've glamorized in me. They say
reflections never times I find that hard to believe. That which you project and that which you reflect I now
truly perceive. The filth you excrete, sickens me like nothing else. As you walk away, and the distance between what
we once knew increases, I find solace in the simple fact that I know...I feel...truth. You're walking a suicide mile
with destiny. And me...I'm five steps away from forever.

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