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Тексты песен Aereogramme

Текст песни "Exits"

It's not my choice to be here
There's been a little room
I've never found an exit
And I doubt I'll find one soon
I cursed you all for leaving
I pushed you all away
Oh how long will this last
Will I stay

Won't you help me to find
A way out
Some exits
A lifeline

But will I only come out
To a bigger room
And we've all got exits
We keep on running to
So grab yourself a bottle
It's yours as much as mine
We'll toast the air, the sky
And anything that we cannot find

Won't you help me find
A way out
Some exits
A lifeline
A lifeline

(There's no way out
No way in
Might not be needing this oxygen) x6

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