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Across Five Aprils

Тексты песен Across Five Aprils

Текст песни "Shot Down With Arrows"

Stop talking stop talking to me.I can read your book from back to forward.All I really wanna do is live my life.I don't wanna have to deal with you by my side.Can you dream of a day when it's said and done.They must be getting tired I see them marching one by one.Stop talking stop talking to me.Drag him up from the back of the class,No more excuses this time we won't let him pass.Call me up in the dead of night;Take it upon myself to make things right this time.I'll shoot it down with my bow and arrow.No more excuses this time I'll bring it home son.Stop talking stop talking to me.Lately I've seen these things rarely ever go my way.I'd like to return the favor paint this picture gray.Leave things behind me leave things behind me.I want to paint this picture gray,wouldn't you,wouldn't you?I want to paint this picture gray,wouldn't you?

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